Change of the reimbursement for certain cardiovascular products as of 15 November 2010

14 June 2010

The Reimbursement Committee and the Danish Medicines Agency have reviewed some of the medicinal products used for the treatment of cardiovascular disease (antihypertensives) in order to assess whether they meet the criteria for public reimbursement. The medicinal products concerned are the so-called angiotensin II antagonists and renin inhibitors.

We have decided that medicinal products containing losartan should be eligible for general reimbursement and that the reimbursement for the other medicinal products should be removed. There are no changes for the other types of cardiovascular products. The reimbursement will be removed as patients may receive an equally effective treatment with other medicinal products that are considerably cheaper.

In summer 2009, we changed the reimbursement for angiotensin II antagonists and renin inhibitors so that reimbursement should only be granted if the patient met certain conditions. The reason for changing the reimbursement status of these medical products again is that the preconditions for general reimbursement have changed since then.

Along with their patients, the general practitioners in Denmark must, by 15 November 2010, change or decide to change the treatment of concerned patients. The Institute for Rational Pharmacotherapy has prepared guidelines for changing from one medicinal product to another.

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