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Reassessment of reimbursement status of strong analgesics (opioids)

15 August 2011

On 22 December 2009, the Danish Medicines Agency announced that it would begin reassessing the reimbursement status of medicines in ATC group N (nervous system) starting with the ATC subgroup N06A (antidepressants) and then N02A (opioids). See link to the announcement in the box to the right.

The Reimbursement Committee's recommendation concerning the reimbursement status of medicines for treatment of depression has just been in consultation, and we are now to begin reassessing the reimbursement status of the opioids.

The Reimbursement Committee is having the initial discussions of the opioids at its meeting on 23 August 2011. If the Reimbursement Committee recommends a change of the reimbursement status of opiods, the Committee's recommendation will be submitted for consultation to companies, relevant scientific societies and relevant patient organisations.

Any comments that could be relevant to the Reimbursement Committee's discussions over the autumn must reach us no later than 12 September 2011.

All comments that we receive during the process or as part of a consultation will be published on our website. The relevant scientific societies and patient organisations have been informed.

In the box to the right, you can find a link to information on reassessment of reimbursement - including guidelines, a status overview of the individual groups of medicines, news in this area and the background for reassessing reimbursement as well as the material and minutes from the Reimbursement Committee meetings.