Reassessment of reimbursement status for medicinal products

Updated 07 August 2017

The reimbursement status of all medicines must be reassessed regularly.

This is to make sure that the medicines which bear general reimbursement meet the eligibility criteria, and that medicines without general reimbursement do not meet the criteria.

Reassessment of the reimbursement status was adopted by the Danish Parliament in 2004 based on Recommendation no. 1444 of May 2004: Reimbursement and appropriate use of medicines.

According to the recommendation, “such reimbursement decisions must not constitute permanent decisions about the reimbursement status for these medicinal products as the assumptions that originally led to a decision concerning e.g. general reimbursement for a medicinal product may change over time.”

Guideline for reassessment

The procedure for reassessment is described in the Guidance on periodic reassessment of the reimbursement status of medicines. (In Danish)

Prioritisation criteria

The key criteria for determining the priority in which the individual medicinal product classes should be reassessed are: the significance of the medicines to the primary sector and especially general practice, public health aspects, new evidence-based recommendations, high costs for patients and regions as well as a high consumption.

On that basis, we started reassessing the reimbursement status for medicines in the ATC groups A, C and J.

The Reimbursement Committee makes recommendations to the Danish Medicines Agency

The Reimbursement Committee, which acts as medical advisory committee to the Danish Medicines Agency in reimbursement questions, makes recommendations about the reassessment status for medicines to the Danish Medicines Agency.

Openness about the reassessment process

We have always made a point of being open about the reassessment process, and we continuously provide information about all our reassessment activities.

We publish announcements on the reassessment of reimbursement status, covering procedures, guidelines, medicinal product classes, time frames, consultations, decisions, etc., on our website.

However, notices about possible consultations as well as decisions will be sent by ordinary post to the relevant parties and by email to the scientific societies and the umbrella organisations of patient organisations.

Reassessment status

You can read more in our announcements on the reassessment of reimbursement status as well as the reassessment stage by ATC groups (in Danish).