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Updated 16 December 2022

If you import medicines into Denmark, you have to comply with a number of rules. It is important to determine whether you are importing medicines or something else, eg a food supplement.

A product is considered to be a medicinal product based on 2 criteria:

  • Presentation of the product – is the product presented as a suitable medicinal product for the treatment or prevention of diseases in humans or animals?
  • Function of the product – can the product be used in humans or animals to restore, correct or modify physiological functions?

We make an overall assessment of a product to determine whether it is a medicinal product. Generally, a product is a medicinal product if it meets one of the above criteria. Read more about the definition of a medicine and how we distinguish between the various types of healthcare products.

Your responsibility

If you import medicines, you are responsible for ensuring that the import is legal.

If you are in doubt whether a product is a medicinal product or if you can import a product into Denmark for your own personal use, you can ask us by filling in and submitting the below form.

Please fill in the fields marked with an asterisk (*). The form is in Danish only. For information in English about how to fill in the form, click the question mark in the bar above the form.


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