Warning against the tanning product Melanotan

20 June 2011

The Danish Medicines Agency repeats its warning against using the illegal product Melanotan because its effect is not documented and because of the absence of studies of its potential side effects. The Danish Medicines Agency urges everyone who uses Melanotan to stop using it and to contact their doctor if concerned. Unused Melanotan can be returned to the nearest pharmacy for destruction.

Melanotan is marketed as a tanning product that offers protection against the harmful rays of the sun and prevents skin cancer. Melanotan is injected under the skin. The product is not authorised in Denmark, Europe or the United States.


In 2008, the Danish Medicines Agency issued a warning about online sale of Melanotan. We did so for the same reasons as we do today: the effect of the product is not documented and there are no studies of the product's potential side effects.

Because Melanotan is still sold online, and the Danish media have refocused interest on the product, we now repeat this warning.

The Danish tax authorities, SKAT, have registered a total of four retained products during the past 18 months - three of which were retained during the past three weeks.

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