Decisions on general reimbursement for medicinal products

Updated 26 April 2018

The Danish Medicines Agency makes decisions in cases concerning application for general reimbursement for medicinal products. The decisions are made on the basis of section 144 of the Danish Health Act (in Danish) and executive order no. 671 of 3 June 2016 on reimbursement (in Danish).

Prescription-only medicinal products

General reimbursement

Companies can apply to the Danish Medicines Agency for general reimbursement of a prescription-only medicinal product they bring onto the Danish market. If the medicinal product is eligible for general reimbursement, the Danish regions offer reimbursement when the product is bought on prescription at a pharmacy.

General conditional reimbursement

Some medicinal products carry general conditional reimbursement, which means that reimbursement is conditional on the medicine prescribed for the treatment of certain diseases or for certain patient groups (general conditional reimbursement). The doctor must write the Danish word "tilskud" (reimbursement) on the prescription.

Guiding criteria for single reimbursement

We have established guiding criteria for the granting of single reimbursement in respect of medicines that are not eligible for general reimbursement.

Over-the-counter medicines

As regards over-the-counter medicines, reimbursement is subject to the medicinal product being prescribed for the treatment of specific diseases or patient groups determined by the Danish Medicines Agency (general conditional reimbursement).

Overview of decisions in response to general reimbursement applications

Decisions in response to general reimbursement applications.

The list (in Danish: Oversigt over afgørelser) provides an overview of the decisions made by the Danish Medicines Agency in response to general reimbursement applications in which we have requested a recommendation from the Reimbursement Committee. It also contains decisions of an otherwise principle nature.

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