Minutes of meeting no. 5 of the Network for the Prevention of Medication Errors held on 14 April 2010

02 July 2010

The meeting was held on Wednesday 14 April 2010 at the Danish Medicines Agency.



  1. Welcome
  2. "Latest news" by the Danish Medicines Agency
  3. Quality control of work processes at hospitals, Anne Mette Dons, National Board of Health
  4. New sources of error with the introduction of electronic medicine prescription, Annemarie Hellebek, Danish Society for Patient Safety
  5. Presentation of the Danish Medicines Agency's campaign to enhance ADR reporting, Karina Markersen, Consumer Safety Division
  6. Break
  7. New sources of error with the introduction of electronic medicine prescription, Tina Blegind, Copenhagen Business School
  8. Next meeting
  9. Any other business



Re item 1
Anne-Marie Vangsted welcomed members to the meeting.

Re item 2
See the PowerPoint presentation (in Danish only).
Follow-up on question from Sonja Paltoft - see the PowerPoint slide (Entydig dosisangivelse ved overgange (Unambiguous dose indication at transfers)). The information was passed on to Medicine IT (Danish Medicines Agency), which was already acquainted with the issue.

It was decided that Danish Patients, Patientombudet (the Danish patient ombudsman authority) and a risk manager from each region should be invited to participate in the network group.

A new list of labelling controls was posted on the Danish Medicines Agency's website in February (Winter 2009/2010). It is placed under Companies / Control and standards / Medicines control.

Information about the Danish Medicines Agency and the National Board of Health's notification on pain-relief patches.

Re item 3
Presentation by Anne Mette Dons (see the Danish PowerPoint presentation).

Based on the presentation, the participants discussed different issues concerning the procedure for handing out medicine to bring home after hospitalisation, for example:

  • How should the packaging be labelled?
  • What information should the patient be given?

It was stated that the Capital Region of Denmark has developed a set of staff guidelines concerning distribution of medicine to patients. The package leaflet website indlaegsseddel.dk was also mentioned. The exception concerning patient information leaflets (PIL) for products handled by healthcare professionals was also discussed together with the issue of compassionate use permits for medicines. Lene Havsteen briefed the participants that certain medicines have a kind of patient information leaflet, whose data is available in the Public Assessment Report. However, prescribing doctors are obligated to become acquainted with all medicines they prescribe.

Re item 4
Presentation by Annemarie Hellebek (see the Danish PowerPoint presentation).

Re item 5
Presentation by Karina Markersen (see the Danish PowerPoint presentation).

It was suggested that hospital pharmacies should be included in the campaign to enhance ADR reporting and that regional drug treatment advisers should distribute information about the campaign.

Re item 7
Presentation by Tina Blegind (see the Danish PowerPoint presentation).

Tina asked for ideas for new research projects. One suggestion was assessment of decision support systems.

Re item 8
The Danish Medicines Agency suggested 10 November 2010. One of the participants was not able to attend on this date. The final date of the next meeting will be sent out by e-mail together with the minutes of the meeting.

Any other business
A few questions about handling of prescriptions have been directed to the relevant departments at the Danish Medicines Agency.


Danish Drug Information (DLI): Christianna Marinakis, Pia Knudsen
Danish Nurses’ Organization (DNO): (apologies)
Institute for Rational Pharmacotherapy (IRF): Lisa Bürgel Pedersen
Danish Medical Association: Annemarie Hellebek
Danish Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry (Lif): Ulla Høgh, Helen Shennan (Astra Zeneca), Marie Lund (GlaxoSmithKline)
Danish Medicines Agency: Anne-Marie Vangsted, Lene Havsteen, Lone Stengelshøj Olsen, Marie Melskens, Charlotte E. Mortensen, Helle Johansen, Christina Palvad, Kristine Rasmussen, Steffen Bager, Karina Markersen
Pharmadanmark: Helle Byg Armandi, Sonja Paltoft
National Board of Health: Anne Mette Dons, Marianne Søborg Nielsen
Danish Association of Pharmaconomists: Christina N. Durinck
Copenhagen Business School (CBS): Tina Blegind Jensen
Capital Region Pharmacy: Asta Haahr Nielsen
Danish Generic Medicines Industry Association (IGL): Lena Storm (Hospira)
Association of Danish Pharmacies: (apologies)
Medicoindustrien: (apologies)
Dansk Sygehus Selskab: (apologies)

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