Clinical trials of medicines in humans

Updated 31 July 2019

Here you can find answers to questions about clinical trials in humans, amendments to authorised clinical trials, etc.

The Danish Ministry of Health has issued a 'Guide to getting started in clinical research' (available in Danish only), which provides information about planning and obtaining authorisation of clinical trials in Denmark.

The guide is primarily aimed at new researchers as well as PhD and masters students, but it could be of interest to many others.

The guide has been prepared as part of the Ministry's health plan called "Healthy Innovation – New innovation agenda in the health area".

It is often difficult to find out whether or not a trial is to be classified as a clinical trial of medicinal products.

We address these difficulties by providing examples of what is and what is not a clinical trial in chapter 1 of our Guideline for applications for authorisation of clinical trials of medicinal products in humans.

We have also published a schematic guide that can help researchers find out quickly whether a trial is a clinical trial of medicinal products or possibly a non-interventional study.

Guide to assessing if a trial falls under the definition of a clinical trial

In Chapter 3: Application (how to apply) of the guideline for applications for authorisation of clinical trials, we describe how to apply to the Danish Medicines Agency for authorisation to conduct a clinical trial.

Please also see Chapter 4: Contents of the application (e.g. the appendices to be submitted) for information about which appendices to submit with the application.

We have also compiled a checklist (Appendix 10) to help you find out which documents to submit with the application. 

Voluntary Harmonisation Procedure (VHP) for the assessment of multinational clinical trial applications

The Voluntary Harmonisation Procedure (VHP) is a procedure which makes it possible to obtain a coordinated assessment of an application for a clinical trial that is to take place in several European countries.

For further information please see: Voluntary Harmonisation Procedure (VHP) for the assessment of multinational clinical trial applications

Clinical trials of medicinal products also testing medical devices non-CE marked for the intended purpose

Please follow this link for information in Danish only: Clinical testing of medical devices also testing medicinal products

Applicants can send documentation electronically online via Eudralink. Clinical trial applications online via Eudralink

We receive many questions regarding which amendments to clinical trials are to be notified to the Danish Medicines Agency, in particular because the European guideline CT 1 has been revised.

We have therefore drawn up a list of which substantial amendments require our approval and which changes we must be notified of. The list also includes examples of changes that are neither subject to approval nor notification.

In brief, only substantial amendments are subject to approval, and the list provides examples of amendments that we consider substantial.

We request to be notified if the duration of a clinical trial is changed, if new sites are added, if the coordinating investigator, CRO or applicant changes, and when the trial is ended in Denmark.


Follow the link below for guidance on how to report SUSARs to the Danish Medicines Agency.

Reporting of adverse reactions in clinical trials


We also have an e-form that can be used for reporting SUSARs if you do not use EudraVigilance.

Reporting of suspected unexpected serious adverse reactions seen in clinical trials (e-form)

At Clinical Trials Office Denmark, pharmaceutical companies and CROs can obtain contact information on potential collaboration partners in Denmark within 4 working days when they consider where to place a clinical trial. The Danish regions are responsible for the website Clinical Trials Office Denmark.


You can write to Clinical Trials Office Denmark at Send an email

You can read more about Clinical Trials Office Denmark at Trial Nation Denmark

If you work with investigator-initiated trials, you can get more information from the GCP units

If you are the investigator of a clinical trial that was notified before 1 May 2004 and you need a form or other documents, please contact Clinical Trials on +45 44 88 91 23 or by email to Send an email