Danish Medicines Agency increases communication on medicine supply

24 June 2020

The Danish Medicines Agency reinforces the communication about the supply of medicines in Denmark through announcements that will be sent out when supply problems are expected to have therapeutic consequences for the patients.

Following a period of increased focus on medicines supply in the press and social media – especially before the corona crisis – the Danish Medicines Agency has been working to identify challenges, causes and possible initiatives that could help resolve the supply problems and their consequences in collaboration with a number of representatives throughout the supply chain.

The Danish Medicines Agency is therefore pleased to launch a new possibility for users to be continuously updated on medicine supply problems that are expected to affect the treatment of patients in Denmark. You can subscribe to the newsletter here (select Notifications about supply problems).

Information about supply problems affecting treatment

Medicine supply shortages are not unusual. Most often a supply shortage does not affect the treatment of patients because the pharmacy is able to dispense the same medicine in another pack size or offer another medicine that corresponds to what the doctor prescribed. Supply problems of this type are not going to be included in the Danish Medicines Agency's newsletter. 

The Danish Medicines Agency’s new newsletter will cover supply problems about medicines that are not expected to be available in other pack sizes and cannot be replaced by other medicines without therapeutic consequences for the patients.

Better knowledge about medicines supply on the Danish market

The new initiative is the result of a collaboration between the Danish Medicines Agency and the companies to increase transparency about supply problems. Thus, the agency is now receiving more reports on supply difficulties from the companies, and the reports contain more detailed information about the supply problems in question. At the same time, the Danish Medicines Agency has strengthened the monitoring of supply problems.

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