Paracetamol for children may again be sold by retail outlets

13 July 2020

Paracetamol painkillers for children may again be sold by supermarkets, kiosks and other shops with permission to sell over-the-counter medicines. From March to today, the medicine was only available from pharmacies.

To ensure there was enough painkilling paracetamol for children in the first stage of the corona outbreak, the Danish Medicines Agency, DKMA, decided at the end of March to restrict the sale of the medicine, making it available only from pharmacies and suspension paracetamol only with a prescription. On 15 June, the DKMA removed the temporary prescription-only status and is now lifting the remaining restriction, so that the sale is not reserved to pharmacies.

From today, suspension and suppository paracetamol for children can therefore again be sold by retail outlets.

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