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Suspension paracetamol for children no longer prescription-only

15 June 2020

The Danish Medicines Agency has now lifted part of its restriction on the sale of suspension paracetamol for children, implying that the medicine can once again be bought over the counter from a pharmacy.

To ensure there would be enough pain-relieving paracetamol for children when COVID-19 was at its highest, the Danish Medicines Agency restricted the sale temporarily on 24 March. Since then it has only been possible to buy suspension paracetamol for children on prescription from a pharmacy, just as the suppository form of paracetamol is only available from a pharmacy, but does not require a prescription. The Danish Medicines Agency has now lifted the temporary restriction with respect to paracetamol in suspension form for children so that you no longer need a prescription to buy the medicine. The medicine is still only available from pharmacies.

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