COVID-19: Restriction on OTC medicines lifted

The Danish Medicines Agency lifts the restriction on over-the-counter (OTC), which has been in force since March. This means that pharmacies, supermarkets, kiosks and others with permission to sell OTC medicines can resume selling more than one pack of the same type of OTC medicine per customer.

To ensure enough OTC medicines for everyone in the first phase of the coronavirus outbreak, the Danish Medicines Agency decided in the middle of March to place a restriction on OTC medicines. This restriction has now been removed. 

The removal applies to all OTC medicines except paracetamol for children, which will still be subject to restrictions to ensure there is enough for those who need it the most.

“We have come past the uncertainty which affected OTC medicines in the first phase of the outbreak, and we are pleased that we can now remove the restriction for the majority of medicines sold over the counter,” said Merete Hermann, Director of Division in the Danish Medicines Agency.

The Danish Medicines Agency is monitoring the situation closely to intervene if a restriction should again become necessary.

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