Lists with information about medicines

Updated 28 January 2022

Below you can find links to our lists with information about medicines. Most of the lists are in Danish only.

Summaries of product characteristics and package leaflets

Summaries of product characteristics

Package leaflets

Licensing and supervision of medicines

Authorised medicinal products and new medicinal products (Excel file) (updated daily)

Public assessment reports and summaries thereof for authorised medicinal products

Active substances for the definition of medicinal products (updated on an ongoing basis) (in Danish)

Deregistered medicinal products (Excel file) (updated daily) (in Danish)

Order books (updated on an ongoing basis)

Diseases and symptoms of disease (updated on an ongoing basis) (in Danish)

Products determined to be medicinal products (updated on an ongoing basis) (in Danish)

Risk management

Medicines with a risk management plan (in Danish)

Medicines authorised with a summary of the risk management plan

Educational material

Medicinal products with danish education material (uplated on an ongoing basis) (in Danish)


Medicinal products for production animals (Excel file) (updated daily) (in Danish)


Medicines safety

Side effects

Interactive Adverse Drug Reaction overviews: reported adverse reactions

Additional monitoring

European list of medicinal products under additional monitoring

Medicines with stricter requirements for doctors, dentists and veterinarians to report side effects (Excel file) (updated on an ongoing basis) (in Danish)

Direct Healthcare Professional Communication

Direct Healthcare Professional Communication (DHPC) sent to healthcare professionals

Biological medicinal products

List of selected biological medicinal products


Pharmacies selling medicines online (updated on an ongoing basis) (in Danish)

List of all pharmacies and other prescription-handling units in Denmark (in Danish)

Dose dispensing

Dose dispensed medicinal products (Excel file) (updated daily) (in Danish)

Medicines on the internet

Pharmacies selling medicines online (Excel file) (updated on an ongoing basis) (in Danish)

Over-the-counter medicines

Dealers of over-the-counter medicinal products (Excel file) (updated daily) (in Danish)

Freely available over-the-counter medicinal products (Excel file) (updated daily)  (in Danish)

Over-the-counter medicinal products eligible for conditional reimbursement (PDF file) (updated on an ongoing basis) (in Danish)

Working with a company

Lists of healthcare professionals having working relationships with companies and of the companies involved (in Danish)

List of persons receiving financial support from companies (in Danish)

Reimbursement of medicines

Medicinal products with reimbursement (Excel file) (updated daily) (in Danish)

Medicinal products for which single reimbursement may be granted over the telephone (updated on an ongoing basis) (in Danish)


Medicinal products authorised for substitution (Excel file) (updated daily) (in Danish)


Warnings against products

Illegal potency enhancers

Illegal potency enhancers (updated on an ongoing basis)


Illegal weight-loss products containing sibutramine (in Danish)

Natural medicinal products and vitamin and mineral products

List of licensed natural medicinal products and registered traditional herbal medicinal products (Excel file) (updated daily) (in Danish)

Vitamin and mineral products with a marketing authorisation (Excel file) (updated daily) (in Danish)

Medicinal gasses

Companies authorised to retail distribute medicinal gasses (Excel file) (updated daily) (in Danish)

Euphoriant substances

Euphoriant substances (updated on an ongoing basis)


Radiopharmaceuticals (Excel file) (updated daily)

Doping substances

Indicative list of substances falling under section 1 of the Danish act on prohibition of certain doping substances (updated on an ongoing basis) (in Danish)

Prices of medicines

Medicinal products for specialists (Excel file) (updated daily) (in Danish)