Lists of euphoriant substances

Updated 17 February 2023

List of euphoriant substances subject to control in Denmark

Euphoriant substances that are subject to control in Denmark are listed in the Schedule to the Danish executive order on euphoriant substances. Substances can be included in the lists via amending executive orders.

Executive order no. 2446 of 12 December 2021 on euphoriant substances (incl. a list of euphoriant substances) (in Danish only)

New substances are regularly added through amending executive orders. As a result, it is important to review these to know which substances are classified as controlled euphoriant substances.

The Danish Medicines Agency maintains a list of all controlled substances:
Comprehensive list (PDF)

Please note that all salts and simple derivatives in the form of an ester or an ether of any of the substances mentioned are also regulated under the executive order on euphoriant substances.

The Schedule consists of the A, B, C, D and E lists.

The A List includes substances that must not be found in Denmark. The B, D and E lists include substances that must only be used for medical and scientific purposes. The C list includes substances which are subject to control in their unprepared form but are not generally regulated by the law when contained in pharmaceutical preparations.

What does it mean to me that a substance is subject to control in Denmark?

If a substance is covered by the executive order on euphoriant substances, private individuals are not allowed to receive or possess the substance unless it has been prescribed as a medicinal product by a doctor.