Record-keeping and destruction of cannabis

11 March 2022


Companies that cultivate and make preparations of cannabis pursuant to the executive order on euphoriant substances (Danish title: Bekendtgørelse om euforiserende stoffer) must keep records of cultivation, purchase, sale, use, etc., cf. section 17(2) of the executive order on euphoriant substances.

On a quarterly basis, companies that cultivate cannabis must report the harvested and used quantities of cannabis to the Danish Medicines Agency in line with section 18(5) of the executive order on euphoriant substances.

Detailed information on how to keep records of cannabis and how to report cannabis cultivation are provided in the below Danish guideline and form.


Any company undertaking activities with medicinal cannabis may only destroy controlled cannabis plant components upon the prior approval of the Danish Medicines Agency and under the agency's control, cf. section 13 of the executive order on euphoriant substances. For every quantity of controlled cannabis to be destroyed, the company must therefore apply for permission from the Danish Medicines Agency for destruction thereof.

Detailed information on the requirements for destruction, including destruction method, is provided in the below Danish guideline.


Destruction and record-keeping for companies authorised to cultivate cannabis for medicinal use (PDF) – in Danish only


Download the application form for permission to destroy euphoriant substances (Word) (in Danish only).

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