National Council for the Security of Supply of Medicines

Updated 10 January 2023

The National Council for the Security of Supply of Medicines works to provide an overview and a general understanding of the medicines supply situation in Denmark. The council consists of relevant stakeholders, i.e. patient organisations, pharmacies, wholesalers, professional medical organisations, business organisations and authorities.

In this forum, together we discuss the current supply conditions and look for solutions to solve supply challenges of a general nature. Our purpose is to contribute together to strengthening information and communication efforts involving supply difficulties, focusing especially on timely and adequate information to patients and doctors.

The scope of the council’s work is the security of supply of medicines for human use and does not involve concrete administrative review of current supply difficulties.

Composition of the council

The members of the council represent central organisations and authorities in Denmark in the area of pharmaceuticals. The members are appointed by the Danish Medicines Agency for two years from nominations by the organisations and authorities.

The members of the council are appointed for the period from 1 November 2021 to 31 October 2023.


  • Amgros – Flemming Sonne, chief executive officer
  • Association of Danish Pharmacies – Dan Rosenberg Asmussen, deputy executive director
  • Danish Patients – Astrid Blom, director, Danish Parkinson's Disease Association
  • Danish Patients – Connie Ziegler, project manager, Danish Rheumatism Association
  • Danish Regions – Dorte Kromann Krydsfeldt, head of logistics, Capital Region Pharmacy
  • Association for Parallel Importers of Medicine (FPM) – Helle Sandager, director
  • Danish Generic and Biosimilars Medicines Industry Association – Peter Jørgensen, director
  • Danish Medical Association – general practitioner Anna Mette Nathan, deputy chair of the Danish Medical Association’s Medicinal Products and Medical Devices Committee
  • Danish Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry – Henrik Vestergaard, deputy executive director
  • Organization of Danish Medical Societies – Rasmus Huan Olsen, staff specialist MD, Section for Data, Biostatistics and Pharmacoepidemiology, Center for Clinical Research and Prevention, Frederiksberg Hospital
  • Megros – Henrik Kaastrup, general manager, Nomeco A/S


  • Danish Medicines Agency (chair) – Kim Helleberg Madsen, Director of Department, Pharmacoeconomics & Availability
  • Danish Patient Safety Authority – Dorthe Eberhardt Søndergaard, deputy executive director
  • Danish Health Data Authority – Lars Siedelin Knutsson, team manager, Shared Medication Record
  • Danish Ministry of the Interior and Health – Victoria Ladegaard Nellemann, Head of Section, Centre for Medicines and International Concerns
  • Danish Health Authority – under designation


  • Danish Critical Supply Agency – Kim Gustavsen, chief advisor, consulting critical functions

Follow the work of the council

You can follow the work of the council through the minutes and presentations from the council that we publish regularly in Danish.

Read material from the council meetings (in Danish only)

Read the terms of reference of the council (in Danish only)