Pharmacies in Denmark

Updated 27 April 2015

In Denmark, pharmacies have exclusive rights to sell prescription-only medicines to consumers. Likewise, a great number of over-the-counter medicines are only permitted for sale in pharmacies.

Pharmacies and pharmacy staff

A Danish pharmacy is run by a private individual the proprietary pharmacist who has been licensed by the Danish state to run a pharmacy at a specific location.

The staff working in Danish pharmacies are pharmacists and pharmaconomists. Apart from selling medicine, pharmacies can therefore help people find the answers to most questions about medicine and the use of medicine.

Number of pharmacies in Denmark

By the end of October 2014 there were 238 pharmacies in Denmark, 17 of which are supplementary units. In addition, there were 73 branch pharmacies, 116 pharmacy outlets, approximately 600 over-the-counter outlets and approximately 250 medicine delivery facilities, all of which are affiliated with one of the pharmacies.

The pharmacies' operations and annual accounts

You can find information about the operation of Danish pharmacies in the annual publication Undersøgelse over apotekernes driftsforhold ('Study of Danish pharmacies' operational conditions' in Danish only).

The study is based on reports from the Danish pharmacies' annual accounts.