Subsidy for pharmacies

Updated 14 June 2018

In special circumstances, proprietary pharmacists can apply for exceptional subsidies, see the Danish executive order no. 1025 of 29 June 2016 on exceptional subsidies for proprietary pharmacists (in Danish).

Subsidies may be granted to proprietary pharmacists with a low turnover who meet special medical supply needs.

Subsidies may also be granted to proprietary pharmacists with a low turnover so that they can carry out necessary and desirable reconstruction, relocation etc., which their financial situation does not allow for.

Proprietary pharmacists applying for subsidies for relocation or reconstruction purposes must submit an application before the relocation or reconstruction is initiated.

Applications for exceptional subsidies

The Danish Medicines Agency invites proprietary pharmacists to apply for exceptional subsidies. Applications should be submitted to the Danish Medicines Agency by 22 August 2018 at 12 noon.

Please send your application by email to There is not a special application form for this purpose.

The expenses for the subsidy scheme are covered by fees paid by pharmacies throughout Denmark.


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