Reporting of drug misuse

Updated 08 August 2014

Reporting of problems with over-the-counter medicines, etc.

It is important that the pharmacies and the Danish Medicines Agency share knowledge about inappropriate use of medicines. For example, if a pharmacy suspects that medicines are used for other purposes than the intended, or if a particular package or dosage causes problems, it is important to share this information.

Pharmacies are directly in touch with the users of medicines and sometimes therefore the first to spot new signals of growing misuse, or inappropriate use of over-the-counter medicines.

The cooperation between the Danish Medicines Agency and the pharmacies is not intended to cover reports of isolated cases, inappropriateness in the prescribing of prescription-only medicines or reports of side effects from medicines.


The e-form for pharmacies' reporting of problems etc. is in Danish only. Click 'Dansk' above to find the form.