Fees for pharmacies

Updated 01 January 2020

Fees for reporting prices and notifying pharmacies of prices of pharmacy-only pharmaceutical specialities

  Item number
 Fee 2020
Annual fee, notification of consumer prices to pharmacies
60105 DKK 1,634
Subscription to Medicine Prices (Medicinpriser) for companies
60114 DKK 2,042, incl. VAT

Executive order on administration fee etc. for pharmacies, hospital pharmacies and private hospital pharmacies

Fees mentioned in sections 2 and 3 have been adjusted at 1 January 2020 by the rate for the general price and wage index fixed by the Danish Ministry of Finance.

Adjustment of fees related to the administration fee

   Fee 2020
To cover expenses incurred by the Danish Medicines Agency for the performance of regulatory functions pursuant to section 2 of the Danish act on pharmacy practice  DKK 13,244
The Danish Medicines Agency's assessment of applications for the establishment of a private hospital pharmacy or a private hospital pharmacy branch, cf. section 3
DKK 13,244
To cover expenses for the Danish Medicines Agency's supervision, cf. section 3(2) 
 DKK 13,244



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