Secure emails

Updated 19 September 2017

We recommend that pharmaceutical companies use EudraLink to send and receive confidential documents. This is a good solution because the sender and recipient do not need to have a digital signature associated with their email accounts.

Link to EudraLink (EMA)

Secure emails with a NemID employee certificate

With a NemID employee certificate, you can send secure emails to the Danish Medicines Agency (DKMA) or to an employee of DKMA. This means that you use your NemID employee certificate to encrypt emails to this secure email address:

Send an email

Secure and encrypted form

You can also communicate with the Danish Medicines Agency by using this encrypted form. To use the form, you need your digital employee certificate or a personal NemID code token.

Link to the encrypted form (in Danish, opens in a new window)

Public authorities and institutions

Public authorities and institutions must have a secure email address. Authorities must communicate electronically and securely with each other.

Most often, institutions have a secure email address for sending and receiving secure emails. Are you employed by a public authority or institution, and would you like to know its secure email address? Then ask your IT department.

Order your own NemID employee certificate from Nets

You can order your NemID employee certificate from Nets’ website, free of charge (in Danish).

The website provides general information about the NemID employee certificate. How to install and use NemID: Information on NemID employee certificate (in Danish).

You can download the Danish Medicines Agency’s NemID certificate from Nets' certificate search page (in Danish) by entering Send an email. Then you can import our certificate (digital signature) in different ways, depending on your email programme.


If you have any questions about secure emails, you can write to us at Send an email