Guideline for creating XML-files with notifications for Prices & Packages

Updated 25 February 2015

Technical specifications of XML files for notification on DKMAnet - Prices & Packages

(The entire guideline can be downloaded as PDF from the box)

Users of DKMAnet - Prices and packages can notify price and assortment changes by transferring an XML file (called forms) to the Danish Medicines Agency. XML files are transferred via the menu item Notifications - File transfer on DKMAnet – Prices & Packages. Choose Browse and select the file that you want to transfer (like when attaching files in e-mails).

Screenshot of file transfer in DKMAnet - Prices & Packages

Notifications, which may be transferred by an XML file

You can transfer two types of notifications:

1. New packages - called ”newPackageRequest”. Indicate the following:

  • Company number
  • Product number
  • Drug ID. If unknown, please contact the Danish Medicines Agency.
  • Package size
  • Packages type

Do NOT indicate:

  • Name of medicinal product
  • Drug form
  • Strength of the medicinal product
  • MT number

2. Update of existing packages, called ”updatePackageRequest”

There are five different types of transaction (or: Actions) for ”updatePackageRequest”:

1. Activate package: Activation of a new package. State the price (Pharmacy Purchase Price - PPP) and a supply estimate to market (activate) the package. This type of transaction is called ”INTRODUCEPACKAGES”.

Example: 01. NewPackage+Activation.xml (the example also includes an example of the NewPackageRequest).

2. Deactivate package: Temporary withdrawal of a package from the market with the possibility of marketing (activating) it again at a later date. This type of transaction is called ”STOPPACKAGES”.

Example: 03. Deactivation.xml

3. Discontinued package: The package is no longer part of the assortment. When a package is discontinued, it cannot be marketed again. Note that a discontinued package is not the same as deregistering the medicinal product. This type of transaction is called ”WITHDRAWPACKAGES”.

Example: 05. Withdrawal.XML

4. Reactivate package: Activation (marketing) of a package, which has been temporarily withdrawn from the market (deactivated). This type of transaction is called ”REINTRODUCEPACKAGES”.

Example: 04. Reactivation.xml

5. Price notification. Notification of price (Pharmacy Purchase Price – PPP) and (if required) a supply estimate for a package. This type of transaction is called ”CHANGEPACKAGEPRICES”.

Example: 02. Pricechange.xml

Get XML form – Notifications.xsd:

Download the Notifications.xsd form

Receipt for transfer

When making a notification by transferring XML files to DKMAnet – Prices & Packages all data must be 100 % correct in all data entries in order for the file to be accepted. A data error (a syntax error and/or a wrong value) means that the entire transfer will be rejected.

When the transfer is complete you will be notified of the receipt. A list of the individual notifications in a transfer usually appears on the Status page on DKMAnet - Prices & Packages (Choose List – Status).

Possibility of making a notification of more changes in the same transfer

There is no problem in transferring a file that includes an arbitrary composition of transaction types. Neither is the number of notifications limited.

Security and operation when transferring an XML file

You can only make a notification of price and assortment changes through DKMAnet – Prices & Packages if you have been appointed company administrator or user of the system. You must furthermore log on with a valid certificate (employee signature).

The security of DKMAnet is controlled by means of the company number. Therefore, you cannot make a notification of price and assortment changes regarding medicinal products that are not attached the company number(s), which you have access to.

Whether you make a notification by means of a file transfer or you do it manually always the latest notification will be valid. If for instance you have made a notification of a new price for a certain package via a file transfer and later the same day overwrites this price notification by a manual entry on DKMAnet – Prices & Packages, the manual notification shall be transferred to the Danish Medicines Agency at the expiry of the price period.

You can make notifications until 8:00pm on the last day of the notification period. If you have started a notification via file transfer before 8:00pm, the notification must be processed and accepted even if the file transfer is not complete before the deadline at 8:00pm.

Updates to technical specifications of XML files

Any updates of the technical specifications of XML files for DKMA-net – Prices & Packages are available on the website of the Danish Medicines Agency. Here, you will also find the documentation.

Questions and support:

In case of questions or if you need help or information about the transfer of XML files to DKMAnet – Prices & Packages you may contact DKMAnet Support at Send an email or +45 44 88 96 94.