Package and range: Notification of supply capacity

Updated 27 March 2019

Any company that changes the price of a generic, reimbursable medicine must concurrently report the quantity (number of packages) which the company expects to be able to supply when the new price becomes effective 14 days after the notification. You can find out whether a medicine is substitutable (generic) by looking in the list of generic medicines (see External links).

DKMAnet - Prices & Packages will automatically ask you to specify your supply capacity, where required. Conversely, it is not possible to specify supply capacity in cases where this is not required.

If the Danish Medicines Agency assesses, based on the notified supply capacity, that a supply shortage may occur within the first seven days of the price period, we will remove the medicine from 'Medicine Prices' (i.e. the list of prices, etc. of medicines).

Our estimate of whether or not a given supply capacity is sufficient is based on the previous consumption in the reimbursement group that the medicine belongs to. The Danish Medicines Agency's consumption data for the different reimbursement groups can be downloaded (in Danish only).