Package and range: Minimum price changes

Updated 01 May 2017

When a company changes the price of a medicine in DKMAnet – Prices & Packages, the price must be stated as the pharmacy purchase price, AIP.

The price must deviate by minimum DKK 1 from the previous AIP

In connection with medicine price changes, the new AIP must deviate from the previous AIP by at least DKK 1. Any attempts to notify a price change that differ by less than DKK 1 from the previous AIP will be rejected as invalid in DKMAnet – Prices & Packages. This means that the package will appear at its old price on the list of prices, etc. of medicines ('Medicine Prices'), and the pharmacy must use the old price when it sells that package.

The minimum price change also applies to packages that reenter the list. Consequently, the price at inclusion must be the same as before or must deviate from the old price by at least DKK 1.